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After 20 years of Doi Moi, including important reforms in the health sector, Viet Nam’s population now enjoys high life expectancy compared with other countries at a similar level of development, and indicators for many aspects of health status show continued improvement over time. Nevertheless, the country’s health sector is facing many new challenges in this period of rapid economic growth and epidemiological transition. In the dialogue between the Government and development partners, it is clear that a more coherent approach for providing assistance is needed, especially as Viet Nam transitions towards middle-income country status.

JAHR 2016: Towards healthy aging in Vietnam

The 2016 JAHR was developed in the first year of the Five-year health sector plan for the period 2016–2020, which corresponds to the starting year for implementing sustainable development goals spearheaded by the United Nations. This year’s JAHR has the following tasks: (i) provide information to support development of solutions for implementing the Five-year health sector plan 2016–2020; and (ii) support development of policies to ensure healthy aging in Vietnam.
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