Joint Annual Health Review


After 20 years of Doi Moi, including important reforms in the health sector, Viet Nam’s population now enjoys high life expectancy compared with other countries at a similar level of development, and indicators for many aspects of health status show continued improvement over time. Nevertheless, the country’s health sector is facing many new challenges in this period of rapid economic growth and epidemiological transition. In the dialogue between the Government and development partners, it is clear that a more coherent approach for providing assistance is needed, especially as Viet Nam transitions towards middle-income country status.

JAHR 2016: Brief introduction

JAHR 2016 will consist of 2 parts: 1st part on briefupdate of the health system, 2nd part on aging and health care for the elderly in Vietnam. The thematic section of JAHR 2016 will focus on the topic "Population aging and health care for the elderly in Vietnam". The objectives of this part are (i) to assess the situation of population aging and health care for the elderly in Vietnam; (ii) to identify priority issues; and (iii). recommend solutions for "healthy aging" in Vietnam. population.

The 1st part of JAHR 2016 will focus onupdate of new policies and mechanisms in the health system which were issued in 2015, summary of big changes to building blocks of the health system and update of health performance indicators (a comprehensive and detailed update of the health system will be done in the middle of the period 2016-2020, tentatively introduced in JAHR 2019).The experts who wrote the part on update of the health systemwill continue to be mobilized for JAHR 2016.

The topic Ageing and health care for the elderly in Vietnamis selected for the thematic part of JAHR 2016. Experts in and out of the health sector will be invited to write thematic reports (experts from Geriatric Hospital, Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, Health Strategy and Policy Institute, Hanoi School of Public Health, Public Policy and Management Institute (Hanoi Economics University), and experts from the Ministry of Vietnam.

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