Joint Annual Health Review


Management capacity
    The Department of Planning and Finance (DPF) is a functional department within the Ministry of Health (MOH). The key functions of the Department of Planning and Finance of the Ministry of Health include policy formulation and evaluation, resource mobilization and management . The Department is pivotal to coordinating the planning and budgeting processes in the Ministry of Health. DPF is MOH’s focal point for developing 5-year and annual health plans, as well as their M&E framework, with input from all MOH departments and stakeholders. The Department also undertakes compilation of the sectoral capital budget in consultation with all the line ministries; monitoring and evaluation of the physical and financial performance of all national health target programmes including TB, malaria and HIV/AIDS control, coordination of donor support to the health sector; building partnerships with other stakeholders and sectors; compilation and analysis of health statistics and epidemiological data as well as maintenance of a health information system.
An important function of the Department is to develop guidelines that will facilitate decentralized planning, decentralized maintenance of the health information system through routine collection and analysis of key data, as well as guidelines for monitoring and evaluation. Over and above these functions professionals in the Department provide training and supervision of the Provincial Health Services’ management teams on planning, monitoring and evaluation. Linked to other Departments within the Ministry including Procurement and Civil work Department and International Relations Department, the Department provides support execution of sound procurement and financial management procedures for donor supported activities.
The Department includes the following divisions:  
-    General Planning and Health Policy (procurement management section is part of this division)
-    Recurrent costs management
-    Investment management
-    External aids management
-    Health Statistics and Informatics  
-    Medicine-Defence
    Currently, the DPF employs 50 government staff and 40 contracted staff with rich experience and expertise in various management areas including health policy development, health systems M&E, finance and accounting, external aid, procurement management.