Joint Annual Health Review


The report was generated mainly through a process of analysing and identifying major issues, priorities and solutions with the participation of multiple stakeholders. The key approaches used included:
 - Undertaking desk studies of available documents, including policies, laws, studies, surveys, etc.;
 - Exploiting the knowledge and experience of local and international consultants familiar with the Viet Nam health care system;
 - Inviting both formal and informal comments from stakeholders;
 - Holding workshops on each chapter with representatives from related Ministries, MoH managers, health services, local and international consultants;
 - Conducting a final stakeholder workshop, to have more in-depth discussions about specific issues, conclusions and recommendations.
In the method to approach this situation analysis and evaluation, to identify priorities and to propose recommendations, it was necessary to consider the following:

(1) the current socio-economic environment and situation of the health system in Viet Nam;

(2) the underlying perspectives and criteria for achieving goals of equity and effectiveness in the health sector in general and health financing in particular;

(3) the successes and failures of other countries, especially those with conditions similar to Viet Nam.