Joint Annual Health Review

JAHR 2011: Strengthening management capacity and reforming HF

The Joint Annual Health Review (JAHR) 2011 is the fifth annual report resulting from collaboration between the Ministry of Health and health development partners. The JAHR 2011 was developed during the first year of implementing the Resolution  of the Eleventh Party Congress and the  Five-year plan for protection, care and promotion of the people‟s health, 2011–2015, and provides an update on the health status and determinants; an overview of the health sector‟s strategic orientation in the coming period; updates the health system situation and analyzes in depth topics on health financing and health system governance.

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Chapters belonging to Part I have the task of updating health status and determinants (Chapter 1); provide an overview of the health sector strategic orientation (Chapter 2); update
the situation including new policies and implementation of assigned tasks according to the six building blocks of the health system with  recommendations  for solutions to include in the 2012 plan or longer term plans (Chapters 3 through 8).

The in-depth chapters of Part II and Part III have the main task of analyzing selected issues in health financing and health system governance, aimed at determining priority issues and recommending solutions.

Part  IV,  includes the Conclusions and Recommendations chapters, with the tasks of synthesizing the main findings and  assessment on achievements  implementing the assigned
tasks in each building block of the health system in Vietnam and recommending solutions to put into the 2012 plan and for the longer-term. 
Appendix 1 provides a summary of information on priority issues and recommended solutions, facilitating the monitoring of performance in subsequent years.
Appendix 2 updates monitoring and evaluation indicators on main objectives of the health system selected for JAHR monitoring.