Joint Annual Health Review

JAHR 2012: Improved quality of medical services

Bia JAHR 2012

The Joint Annual Health Review (JAHR) 2012 is the sixth annual review implemented under the direction of the Ministry of Health together with the Health Partnership Group (HPG). The JAHR 2012 report provides an update on health status and determinants; an update on the current situation of the health system and implementation of the tasks set forth in the five-year plan for the protection, care and promotion of the people’s health for the period 2011–2015 (hereafter called the Five-year health sector plan) and provides in-depth analysis on the selected focus of this year’s report – quality of medical services.

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The JAHR 2012 report was prepared in the 2nd year of the Five-year health sector plan, with the aim of “Improving quality of medical services”, and has the following main contents:
Part I: Update on the current health system situation, including: Chapter 1 - updates on health status and determinants, with a focus on health status disparities across regions and increasing trends in the disease burden from non-communicable disease; Chapter 2 - updates on new and priority health sector tasks assigned by the Government and National Assembly, assessment of progress towards achieving plan goals and assigned tasks in each of the six building blocks of the health system and a summary of measures to be included in the 2013 health sector plan to resolve any shortcomings and difficulties; Appendix - supplement and update JAHR monitoring and evaluation indicators and incorporate discussion of problems into text of Part I.
Part II: Improvement of medical service quality with the objective of identifying priority issues and recommending measures for the topic of Improving quality of medical services, including:
- Overview of concepts and approaches; international experience in quality management; and overview of health care service quality in Vietnam.
- Macro-level management of service quality, including the legal framework and administration/regulation for major inputs of health service quality, including: i) health service professionals; ii) service providers; iii) drugs, medical equipment, and infrastructure.
- Facility level quality management.
- The role of community and patients in service quality improvement.
- Payment methods and service quality.
Part III includes chapters on Conclusions and Recommendations.
The Appendix covers an update of monitoring and evaluation indicators for the main goals of the health system, which have been selected for inclusion in the JAHR.
The JAHR 2012 process has received enthusiastic support from many stakeholders. We are sincerely grateful for the many useful comments and opinions contributed by the leadership and staff of the various departments, administrations, and institutes of the Ministry of Health, various other sectors and localities during the process of developing this Review. We would especially like to thank and acknowledge the strong technical and financial support from the HPG, and at the same time express our appreciation for financial support from WHO, Atlantic Philanthropies and the Rockefeller Foundation. We would like to express our thanks to national and international consultants for their direct involvement in analyzing available information and collecting and incorporating comments from various stakeholders to shape the chapters of the Review; Thanks also to the JAHR coordinators, headed by Dr. Nguyen Hoang Long, Deputy Director of the Planning and Finance Department, coordinated and run by Assoc. Prof. Pham Trong Thanh, Sarah Bales, Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Thi Kim Chuc, and Duong Thu Hang, who have actively contributed to organizing the development of and completion of this report.

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