Joint Annual Health Review

Workshop on the thematic draft for jahr 2014

On April 24, 2014, the workshop on thematic chapter of JAHR 2014 took place in Bac Ninh City

Compilation and review of responses to feedback in the Workshop 1 on NCDs

From Vietnam side, there are the attedance of departments and units under the Ministry of Health include the Department of Planning and Finance, the Department of Maternal and Child Health, the Administration of Medical Services, Cabinet of MoH, the Department of Preventive Medicine, the Department of Science and Technology and Training, the Institute of Health Policy and Strategy, Hanoi Medical University, Hanoi School of Pubic Health, Bach Mai Hospital, National Hospital of Endocrinology, Vietnam Institute of Cardiology, Bac Ninh Provincial Health Bureau and Bac Giang Provincial Health Bureau. From Health Partnership Group, there are representatives of WHO, GIZ, EC, US Embassy, and Harvard University.
After open discussion among participants, on behalf of the organizers and coordinators, Dr. Nguyen Hoang Long expressed thanks to experts for their comments and feedbacks. The coordinators would work with the report compilers to revise, edit and complete the draft documents and send back to experts for further comments and feedbacks in the next workshops. Comments and feedbacks of experts would be posted on the JAHR website. The coordinators would prepare for a workshop for comments and feedbacks on the draft of Part I ‘Updates on the situation of the health system’.


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