Joint Annual Health Review

JAHR 2015: Strengthening PHC at the grassroots towards UHC

The Joint Annual Health Review 2015 (JAHR 2015) is the 9th annual report written in collaboration between the Ministry of Health and the Health Partnership Group (HPG). The JAHR report assesses progress in implementing tasks assigned in the five-year health sector plan 2011-2015 and results of implementing the MDGs and five-year plan goals. In addition, it provides analysis on the in-depth topic of “Strengthening primary health care in the grassroots healthcare network towards universal health coverage”.
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The 2015 JAHR was developed in the final year of the five-year planning cycle, which is also the final year for nations to work towards achieving the MDGs, including five groups of goals related to health to which United Nations member countries have committed to achieving by 2015. In addition, the year 2015 is the year in which the new Five-year plan for 2016–2020 is being developed, and the JAHR provides substantial analysis for the planning process. The 2015 JAHR report has the following tasks: (i) support development of the 2016-2020 health sector plan and (ii) support development of the policies to support Strengthening primary health care at the Grassroots towards Universal Health Coverage for the future.
PART ONE: Implementation of the plan for the protection, care and promotion of the people’s health in the period 2011–2015:
Chapter I: Socio-economic situation, health status and determinants
Chapter II: Implementation of the Plan for the protection, care and promotion of the people’s health for the period 2011–2015.
Implementation status of the Plan for the protection, care and promotion of the people’s health 2011-2015, covering the following contents: (i) human resources for health; (ii) health financing; iii) pharmaceuticals and medical equipment; (iv) health service delivery, (v) health information systems; and (vi) health sector governance.
PART TWO: In-depth analysis of the topic “Strengthening primary health care at the grassroots towards universal health coverage” with the following contents:
Chapter III: The grassroots health network and PHC in Vietnam, providing an analysis of the current situation, challenges and priorities.
Chapter IV: Identification of grassroots health service delivery network including: the need for PHC-centered service delivery, identification of an appropriate framework and basic features of a PHC based service delivery model, organizational model for grassroots healthcare and conditions that need to be put in place for successful PHC-based health service delivery.
PART THREE of the report consists of a summary of priority issues and recommendations for the next 5 years.
Chapter V: Summarizes the priorities and makes recommendations for the Five-year plan 2016–2020.
Chapter VI: Makes recommendations on objectives and actions for strengthening PHC in the grassroots health network to inform future policymaking in this important area.
The Appendix to the report includes a summary table of monitoring and evaluation indicators covering various aspects of the health system over the period 2010 to 2014.

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